WordPress. Le guide definitive agli Hacks e ai Tutorial

Una lista di link a tutorial per modificare, estendere e personalizzare il proprio blog WordPress.

  1. WordPress Transient API
  2. WordPress “Cron Jobs”
  3. WordPress HTTP API
  4. Easily Fetch an RSS Feed with WordPress
  5. WordPress mail function
  6. WordPress Human Time
  7. WordPress get comments
  8. WordPress validation of strings
  9. WordPress text transformation
  10. WordPress Shortcode API
  11. Create WordPress post with a php function
  12. Create WordPress comment with a php function
  13. WordPress Object Cache
  14. Kill wordpress execution
  1. How to Automate The Year In Copyright Notice
  2. How to Change ‘mystery man’ Default Gravatar
  3. How to Allow Contributers to Upload Files
  4. How to Show the Posts with Dates In Archives
  5. How to Detect Google Visitors and Give a Special Greeting
  6. How to Use Shortcodes in Widget
  7. How to Share via E-mail Link
  8. How To Display Total Number Of Blogroll Bookmarks
  9. How to Remove Autolinks In Comments
  10. How to set HTML editor as the default in WordPress
  11. How to Modify User Contact Info
  12. How to Exclude Pages from WordPress Search Results
  13. How to Leverage Browser Caching in WordPress via .htaccess
  14. How to Replace a Text or Link in All Posts At Once
  15. How to Disable Default WordPress Widgets
  16. How to Eliminate Comment Spam
  17. How to Remove Symbol […] From Post Excerpt
  1. Show Tag Cloud
  2. Shorten The Excerpt
  3. Separate Trackbacks
  4. Share Via Email Link
  5. List Random Posts
  6. Paypal Donation Shortcode
  7. Include Any File
  8. List Amount of Post Revisions
  9. Image Custom Field
  10. Highlight Author Comment
  11. Get Post Category Name – ID
  12. Enable a Specific Custom Field
  13. Edit Navigation Output
  14. Empty Trash Automatically
  15. Display Number of Facebook Fans
  16. Display Search Terms From Google Users
  17. Detect Twitter Users
  18. Detect Browser
  19. Custom Page Style
  20. Custom Display of Links (Blogroll)
  21. Adding Recent Comments
  22. Change Footer Text in WP Admin
  23. Thumbnail Source
  24. List Subpages & Siblings



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